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  • Picturing Music

    I’ve been thinking about representation lately. No, I don’t need a lawyer. I’m talking about how we ‘picture’ music. As an experiment last week, I asked my kids to draw a picture of rhythms we were working with during the session. I didn’t ask them to use notation. Some of them are too young to […]

  • Come Play With Us

    I’m leading drop-in online guided improvisation sessions in February 2023 on Saturdays, 1:00-1:45pm Eastern. To learn more about it and find out how to join, click here. No improv experience necessary and only you (and whoever is in your house!) will hear yourself. A few past attendees were kind enough to write descriptions of what […]

  • Guided Improvisation Sessions

    As we returned to (mostly) in-person teaching and learning, I found myself wondering if I could create a short class that would actually work best remotely. I thought about things the internet does well, like encouraging a feeling of connectedness while simultaneously allowing users to be completely isolated. To exploit this paradox, I began teaching […]

  • Improv Sonata, 2009

    In June of 2009, the Bloomingdale School of Music presented a composition of mine which I called ‘Sonata for Improvised Piano’. An excerpt appears above. The piece exists in two versions, one completely written out, and the other written with a combination of graphic and conventional notation. The piece was designed as an entry way […]

  • Notes and Music from ‘Playing Through’, Solo Piano Concert from 2009

    In December of 2009, I presented a concert of solo improvised piano at the Bloomingdale School of Music. Here are the program notes from the event. I have posted a few mp3’s from the evening, as well. Program Notes Unlike the magician’s art which is betrayed by divulging its secrets, the improviser thrives on listeners […]

  • One Musician/One Magician plays the Carlyle

    Last May, Jeff and I performed at a private party for kids at the Carlyle Hotel in the gorgeous Bemelmans Bar. Our set of music and magic concluded with an impromptu sing-a-long complete with My Favorite Things, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Frere Jackque that I will never forget. I’m sure Bobby Short was smiling […]

  • Program Notes from Premier of One Musician/One Magician, March 2010

    Program Notes Welcome to the maiden voyage of One Musician/One Magician! For the past several months, Jeff and I have been amusing ourselves by exploring the intersections of our respective arts, and we are delighted to present some of our findings today. Our primary goal is to create music you can see and magic you […]