Musical Subjects

by Michael Joviala

I write mostly about music and music education from my perspective as a Dalcroze teacher.


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  1. Articles on the Musical Subjects I am thinking about and working with in the classroom.
  2. During the lockdown, I posted short articles on Dalcroze subjects and materials for Dalcroze Practice at home.
  3. In 2017, I wrote about one class of 7-9 year-olds for a whole year.

note: I have been writing for years about my classes and teaching, mostly for pedagogy students, adult Dalcroze practitioners, and the families of the children I teach. I’m s l o w l y building a resource page here..

For Adult Dalcroze Students and Practitioners:

Ways to think about specific musical subject in your practice and for your teaching: Meter, Beat, Subdivision

Ways to practice music through the Dalcroze approach: Cross-rhythms, Divisions of 12

For Families of Young Students:

1st-2nd Grade:

What we work on: movement, rhythm, pitch

Early Childhood:

What goes on in the classroom? Attention; FAQ’s for adult/child classes; Phrase; Meter; Register and Scale

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