Musical Subjects

by Michael Joviala

I write mostly about music and music education from my perspective as a Dalcroze teacher.

Dancer/choreographer Dawn Pratson and I are doing a series of free Open Rehearsals (online) beginning Saturday, March 10. Click here to learn more. This is part of the residency of my group “Loco Motors” with the New York Chapter of the Dalcroze Society of America.


So, yes, the relationship between two tones is not necessarily black and …
One Small Step…
Whole and half steps are kind of like air. We tend to …
Picturing Music
I’ve been thinking about representation lately. No, I don’t need a lawyer. …
Come Play With Us
I'm leading drop-in online guided improvisation sessions in February 2023 on Saturdays, …


  1. Articles on the Musical Subjects I am thinking about and working with in the classroom.
  2. During the lockdown, I posted short articles on Dalcroze subjects and materials for Dalcroze Practice at home.
  3. In 2017, I wrote about one class of 7-9 year-olds for a whole year.

For Adult Dalcroze Students and Practitioners:

Ways to think about specific musical subject in your practice and for your teaching: Meter, Beat, Subdivision, Notation, Whole and Half Steps

Ways to practice music through the Dalcroze approach: Cross-rhythms, Divisions of 12

For Families of Young Students:

1st-2nd Grade:

What we work on: movement, rhythm, pitch

Early Childhood:

What goes on in the classroom? Attention; FAQ’s for adult/child classes; Phrase; Meter; Register and Scale

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